Monday 9th June 2014

We are up and running at last!

Here is narrowboat Lillyane. We bought the boat at the beginning of April and have been preparing  both the boat and our house since then.


But today the journey began. We’ve been moored at Crick Marina in Northamptonshire since before Easter and we’ve had a good time there. Thanks to all those there that helped us so much to get Lillyanne (often referred to as Lillian) set up and ready. But today we set off from the marina with a goal of getting to Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire in time for the start of the Tour de France at the beginning of July.

Immediately on leaving we met up with our friends on NB Blackbird. They live aboard their boat and are cruising the network full time. They already knew of our plans so it wasn’t an accidental meeting. We passed them and they pulled out behind us and followed us through Crick tunnel and a leisurely cruise down to Watford locks near Watford Gap services on the M1.

There we had about an hour wait for boats coming up the staircase of locks so we had a bite of lunch whilst waiting.

Then down the locks, Pip doing the locks and me at the tiller. On one of the lock gates this little chappie was having a go at me for being too close to his nest.


I'm told he's a Yellowhammer

I’m told he’s a Yellowhammer

Blackbird was still following and is just visible in the second lock up.


After the flight of locks we pootled on for another half an hour or so then moored up opposite Welton Hythe Marina. We have an appointment there tomorrow to get new cushions for our dinette.

Blackbird moored up behind us and we had cups of tea and ginger cake sat in the warm sunshine on the towpath.

Please bear with us as we get to grips with the WordPress web site.



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