10th October


Avenue Bridge in the sunshine

We had a slow start this morning and I had a good catch up chat with the London Leckenby s sat in the sunshine before we set off for the day. We stopped for a while at Brewood and did some food shopping for the next couple of days. There is a big butchers and people seemed to be stocking up on joints, ham, bacon, all sorts for the weekend. Or two pork chops, an apple and four slices of bacon seemed quite pathetic in comparison.


Speedwell Castle


If you fancy living in Brewood we passed this rather splendid Grade 1 listed building and you can rent a 1 bedroom flat for £104 a week. It is called Speedwell Castle and was built in the 18th Century with the winnings of a racehorse named Speedwell.





Shopping done we continued on north. The Shropshire Union has long straight lengths through cuttings or embankments. The weather kept changing from beautiful sunshine to torrential rain, pulling in when the heavens opened and then deciding to carry on for awhile longer when the sun came back out. This got us down Wheaton Aston Lock and through the next wooded cutting, pulling in finally where other boats were moored with the sun setting in the distance.


Autumn Sunsets perfect for hunting.

A good hunting trip here, although I decided not to return with my winnings, this time!

1 lock, 7 miles, 1 good chin wag, 0 buffalo steaks, 0 rabbits, 3 mice all set free.

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