27th October

Houdini had taken to her bed in the wardrobe last night and not moved an inch. With no interest in anything a trip to a person in green was needed to see if they could help.

Springwood Haven had no gaskets, so Micks experiment will have to wait. Paws Vets in Nuneaton were called to see if we could get an appointment. I said we were about an hour away to which the receptionist said  “Is there no one closer?” I had to explain that an hour was only 3 to 4 miles away. We moored up by bridge 20 and after a bit of a tussle and a few puncture wounds (my new winter gloves came in handy) we were at the vets for our appointment. Medical records were faxed down from Scarborough. Temperature check, weigh in, heart listened to, eyes, mouth, and ears checked, 2 injections and a party bag of antibiotics to take home, we were told if there was no improvement by morning to go back.


Boat yard all ready for Halloween

I was pleased to be home, so did my little dance in my caravan when I saw Lillian. A bit peckish I demanded fresh food. The injections already seemed to be taking effect as there was already an improvement!


One for Mr Matthews

With the need  to do a big shop we headed straight on at Hawkesbury Junction towards Coventry for a couple of miles so that we could visit Tesco extra by Coventry Football Ground. Time was getting on and with the clocks having gone back  yesterday we were running out of daylight. We returned to Hawkesbury Junction and let Houdini out. Ahh fresh air, wonderful, but it’s a bit noisy round here for a recovering cat!



Sculpture on bridge by Hawkesbury Junction


The M6 is only quarter of a mile away and is constantly noisy. We headed off to The Greyhound for some beer and food leaving Houdini in peace for a while. The food here was very good and so was the beer.





The Greyhound, a boaters pub full on a Monday night

0 locks, 11 miles, 1 sickly cat, 3 receptionists, 1 man in green who talked funny, 43.2 temperature, 2 magic injections, 1 big shop, 3.5 pints of Mild, 1st Haddock in months


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