Brentford to Bulls Bridge 17th December

Bye bye Brentford! The early running of the 04.50 was too much this morning!


Our moorings for the last few days.

No it was time to move on, we had planned to stay for nearly a week, but A & E and other things ate into our journey time here, so Kew Gardens Christmas lights will have to be another Christmas, Green Lane and The Fox another time, maybe in the new year.

It had been raining quite a lot over night, the weir near us had got progressively noisier, so we hoped that we would be able to glide over the top of the silt on the Brent sections. We filled with water and emptied the pooh tank before winding.


This may look like rain, but it is methane bubbles. Farty canal!


Revolting! We pulled Lillian through this, not wanting anything around the prop

Between Clitheroes Lock and Osterley Lock the flow was quite strong, this however didn’t stop the canal bed from producing huge amounts of gas. Above Osterley Lock the number of footballs had increased since Sunday to 10 and the sight of the scum, logs, rubbish was just revolting. Apparently that section is looked after by the Environment Agency and gets no attention, as we could see. With me stood in the well deck and plenty of revs we managed to bump our way over the silt bank at the bottom of the Hanwell Flight.

All bar one of the Hanwell flight were in our favour and we sailed up them with no bother. Today was my first day back on windlass duty, I was taking great care letting paddles down and only had one twinge from my arm. A few more days rest and all should be back to normal.


Just above the Hanwell Flight. Must admit this is a mirror image.

At Norwood Bottom Lock we came across three volunteer lock keepers, who said we were the first boat they’d seen all day. They didn’t even have windlasses and were litter picking. 47 coconuts today! One chap helped me with the last two locks and had a jolly good natter. The top of these locks gets padlocked at night, so would have been very slow filling if he hadn’t been there.

Back at our Tescos mooring, sadly a bit further along where cars go past, it’s also mid week and it is a 24hr Tesco! Really would have liked to have gone out this evening, but after carrying out a full Health and Safety Assessment I decided it would be much better to stay on board.

10 locks, 5 miles, 1 full water tank, 1 empty pooh tank, 67920457930021 bubbles of methane, 1 silt bank ridden over, 8 footballs, 2 rugby balls, 2 many cars, 1 cat is enough around here and that cat is going to be me!


One thought on “Brentford to Bulls Bridge 17th December

  1. jjl1949

    Hopefully you’ve now turned right and are steaming up the Paddington Arm through the pleasant pastures of Greenford to some nice secluded mooring with a idyllic country pub and an artisan bakery …


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