Post Office Days 29th January


Maureen, Les, Mick

Today we have had a visit from Les and Maureen. Mick was Les’ apprentice way back when Mick first became a telephone engineer. It’s so far back they used to work for The Post Office and not BT. Les and Maureen live in Denham which is just a few miles away from us, so they popped down to have a look at Lillian, a cuppa and a catch up from the 80’s. Maureen had baked a lovely sponge for us, so she can come again!

After a couple of hours of chatting we waved them goodbye just as the heavens opened, hope they got back to their car without getting too wet.



We waited for the rain to pass, popped a stew on the stove and then ventured out to find Wickes for some dowel. Wickes website has a very helpful map to help you find their stores!






Best get the curtains clean soon






On leaving Lillian I noticed that the towels in our Saloon window has made us look very patriotic.





We walked up the towpath on our way to Wickes to have a look at the boat yard where we aim to get a pump out tomorrow morning. There are 24hr moorings here, so we shall move up if there is no ice. The forecast is for some snow tonight, so hopefully we’ll be able to move in the morning and get filled with diesel, top up on coal and empty the pooh tank. We’ll then moor opposite this fine looking building which was actually built in 1991! No wonder they were allowed to put PVC windows in.


Parexel Building, built in the art deco liner style


More of the Parexel building










0 locks, 0 miles, 2 visitors, 1 yummy cake, 30 odd years, 5 x 3ft dowels, 1 beef stew and 2 jacket potatoes cooking on the stove.


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