Going nowhere, but small achievements 21st July


Calm clouds

I woke up this morning for the second day in a row after having had the most bizarre dreams. Yesterday I had designed a set that was fitted up (put up on stage) wrongly, one of my friends who had built it told me that I had got it all wrong on the plans and then we discovered that the doors leading into the wings had all been stitched up, with 18 inch cross stitches! Last nights dream had me jumping through huge locks after ordering things on the internet and my Mum saying someone was going to give me lots of money! I wish!! No super dooper pain killers before bed tonight me thinks!

Still waiting for the lock to open we haven’t done a great deal today.

No cycling as it was rest day, so Mick had a rest day too. This morning I read the draft script that was emailed to me the other day. It is quite rare to get a script at such an early stage, it will be fascinating to see it evolve to the final production, what will change from what already could be produced on stage. Vanessa is also writing an interesting blog about writing the play and the process. I have to say my chewing gum was popped on the cupboard above our bed so that I could read the script today.


This afternoon we have at last watched The Imitation Game, we bought the dvd shortly after visiting Bletchley Park back in February. A good film, but I now wish I’d seen it before our trip to Bletchley as I couldn’t help compare the locations in the film to what is there now. They used Joyce Grove in Oxfordshire instead of Bletchley for the exterior of the house.

All day boats have been heading past us towards the lock, including those who had given up and turned round, there were going to be at least ten boats waiting to go up. At 5.10pm a cruiser came by and said they had come through the lock. It appears it did re-open around 4pm. Since then we have had boats come past at fairly regular intervals. One chap said there had been 23 boats waiting to come down and at least 15 to go up. So we may have boats going by until 10pm tonight.

On the hand front I have made a few small achievements, this morning I managed to get dressed all by myself. I can now type with three fingers on my left hand rather than one and I can tie a loose ponytail, Mick will still have to assist for a cruising ponytail though.

0 locks, 0 miles, 0 steps on land! 1 posh flat in thought, 0 cycling, 0 Inspector Morse, 1 film, 1 handed shower, 1 pizza


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