Prrrrrr! 21st February

Beeston Lock

The alarm went off at 7.30 am this morning. There was a very important meeting scheduled for 9 am on the other side of Nottingham.

I took the advantage of Andrew being with us with a car, so after a cuppa we set off for Burton Joyce. When we reached our destination the front door of the house was opened by Elaine who had our new second mate in her arms.

A few weeks ago I had contacted Burton Joyce Cat Welfare to see if they would consider letting us adopted a rescue cat. The tale of Houdini, who passed away just over a year ago, had been told and how I administered her medication, a daily pill and a monthly injection, hoping that they would look kindly on us. Several emails passed back and forth and it was decided that it would be best for us to have a kitten rather than an older cat. At the time they had no kittens so I said I’d keep an eye on catchat.


Just out of view is the white tip to her tail

Last Monday as we were heading to see the start of our new boat I received an email saying that there was a black and white, female, 4/5 month old kitten available and was I interested. Emails have gone back and forth through the week. Our wanting to be in Nottingham before Meadow Lock closed meant that I couldn’t pick her up from the vets in Newark on Wednesday after she had been neutered, then having a boat full last night wouldn’t have been fare on her, so today was the day.

She was very friendly and didn’t stop purring. Love at first sight. We had taken the collapsible cat caravan with us, so once the paperwork was done she hopped in and we headed back to Mick on the boat.


Prrrrr, purrrr, purrrrrr!

Her start in life has not been the best. She and her four siblings were found by a level crossing in Hoveringham ten days ago and taken to Elaine. It is thought that they were being kept as pets, but as they grew they became too much and were dumped near the railway and road. They survived eating road kill until they were picked up.

She is still recovering, but is negative for all the horrid things, has been neutered and is very friendly, she just needs her jabs now. Her arrival was timed right as by the time we will start to want the doors open she should have acclimatised and know that this is home. I’m sure will have something to say when she has settled in more.


Andrew trying to coax her out

Interest of behind the sofa was always going to happen, but when she does come out there is persistent purring and need for stroking! When Houdini was younger there was a two stroke rule, go for a third and she’d bite you. This little one is not going to follow suit.


We left space for the new second mate, but she declined to sit on the table.

We all sat down for sausage sandwiches and various names were suggested, but nothing so far has seemed right. Something will come to mind in the next few days as we get to know her better. The London Leckenby’s headed home mid morning leaving the three of us in the gusty wind. Several boats have moved off and headed into town and easier access moorings have become free. But the wind is not conducive of moving a boat today. Anyway we’re too busy with our Second Mate!

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 river still red, 1 new second mate, 4 attempts to dig to Australia in the litter tray, 0 food, 3 hours solid purring.

3 thoughts on “Prrrrrr! 21st February

  1. Joa

    So pleased you’ve got a new Second Mate. Good luck with the name choice, always a difficult decision. If it looks like she’s dipped her tail in paint, how about Dipper?!

  2. blackbirduncaged

    Welcome to your second mate! She’s adorable. Max is chuffed she’s black and white although he realises that he’ll probably just have to make do with admiring her photo.

    We’ll look forward to talking to you about the Lancaster Canal as that sounds like a plan!

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