Be’doingie! 8th February

Lime Kiln Lock to Weston on Trent

DSCF4026smWith the weather set to get chilly we wanted to moor up somewhere sensible at the end of the day. So after we’d passed down the first two Stone locks we topped up the water again and disposed of the rubbish.

Lots of repointing of the lock wall sides seems to have happened at Star Lock. We weren’t too keen on the blue lights on the outside of the pub, white would be much better, but then we weren’t seeing it in the dark.

DSCF4049smI took advantage of the gap before Aston Lock to make some ricotta and spinach rolls, they were just cooked ready to cool by the time the lock was set for us.

DSCF4062smDSCF4068smBy Aston Lock is the halfway mile post of the Trent and Mersey, well half way between Shardlow and Preston Brook as there is still 1.5 miles of the canal past Shardlow. Behind this on the other side of the wall is a rather good shed. It looks like it was a lock keepers hut before it became a very interesting shed. Wonder if it still has a stove inside, although it looks like it would take quite a bit of getting to.

We’d heard that the Farm Shop at Aston Marina has shut, it’s final day was last Sunday. Their bistro will be expanding into the shop space, it seems that the marina does very good business in the Bistro and their new Venue. I think we’ve only bought sausages there before and prefer the shop at Great Haywood. The signs outside the marina have been taken down, suspect it’s so that they can be changed.

DSCF4077smThe day was starting to get cold now so some soup with the rolls I’d made went down a treat before we continued on. If you are passing Bridge 88 there may be a large pile of logs off side as two trees have been felled today. I suspect there’d be enough to keep a couple of boats warm all winter.

DSCF4105smDown one more lock and a pootle to Weston On Trent (this one not the other one!). As we rounded the bend there was a field of sheep and their rather new looking lambs. Be’doingie!! They were so nearly going for it, but maybe they were still a little bit too young. Then another 50 yards and our second sign of spring, Snowdrops! We had to reverse to appreciate them better.

DSCF4116smTheir excitement was all well and good, but by the time they’d finished cooing and ahhing  and actually stopped moving the outside today it was ‘Too Late’ for me to go out! How inconsiderate.

DSCF7114sm6 locks, 7.06 miles, 1 new towpath, 4 well timed rolls, 2 trees felled, 1 man fishing for branches, 2 orange hands, 11 E E E E’s, 1 bad Dante! 7 lambs, 2 near be’doingies, 38 snowdrops crammed together, 1 very mardy Tilly.


3 thoughts on “Be’doingie! 8th February

  1. Joa

    Does anyone else read the footnotes to your blogs and wonder about the tags that have not been written about .. for instance ‘1 bad Dante’ in todays blog.
    I guess it’s regarding people who have contacted you or that you’ve met on your travels, but it intrigues me trying to work them out! Joa


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