Everything Is Conspiring Against Us. 10th February

Great Haywood

By bedtime last night we knew what we’d be doing today, we’d be having a day trip to the hospital. A bad nights sleep confirmed this. The only way to move anywhere was by hopping and that was still really painful.

DSCF4168smAfter our last experience of returning from A&E to the boat we decided to hire a car for the day. Enterprise had nothing available, but Mick managed to find a local garage in Little Haywood that would do us a car for £30. So after I’d been served breakfast in bed, Mick headed off to pick up the car only to discover he’d forgotten his cards. Our car was sat on the forecourt and had the For Sale sign in the window which got slung in the back. Luckily his new license had come with a letter addressed to him, so he had a second proof of address.

Then came the mammoth task of getting me off the boat. The boat ahead had moved off its mooring so we nudged up making the distance I’d have to cover smaller. Our split steps at the back meant I couldn’t shuffle up them on my bum, so with Mick supporting me as best he could I hopped up them. The car was brought round to the gate on the road and then we started the painful exhausting hopathon up the hill.

Stafford County Hospital provided a wheelchair and they were very swift and efficient. I saw the triage nurse, was prodded by Amy the Emergency Nurse, x-rayed, told I had a fracture in my Lateral Malleolus (ankle to most people), given a plaster cast to see me through the weekend whilst the swelling goes down, had a master class in crutch control and given an appointment for Monday at the fracture clinic all within two hours. I think we’d timed our visit well.

IMG-20170210-WA0000smBack at Great Haywood Mick parked the car in the Anglo Welsh car park just behind the water point and as it started to snow he brought Lillian through the bridge to pick me up. A lot easier than walking down a muddy hill with crutches. But getting on board was really quite tricky. Not being allowed to put my right foot down, needing support at one moment then not having the space for it at another and shuffling around on my bum, exhausting. Sadly our bed is too wide to be able to pass using crutches so it was back to hopping.

As I settled on the sofa with my leg raised, Mick reversed us back through the bridge to where we had been moored. NB Autumn Wine moored across the way has very kindly offered us a lift to the hospital on Monday. They had seen us struggling up the hill earlier and then had heard from Laura and Alison what had happened.

IMAG2003smI shall be staying in this position or one very similar for the weekend and Mick will be doing everything.

Our planned escape from Great Haywood has been delayed for a bit. Once I am allowed to stand for a while I will be at the helm in locks, before that Mick will have to single hand. But our route may now have to change back to the original Wolverhampton 21 as a bridge is now going to be demolished on the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal which would stop us in our tracks for a week. The final decision whether to go straight on or turn right can be left till next week, got to keep NB Large Marge guessing!

0 locks, 0 miles, 1st breakfast in bed, 1 very fat ankle, 0 hire car, £6500 for sale car, 2 far to hop, 2 much hill to hop, 1 life saving wheelchair, 2 x-rays, 4 NHS staff so far, 1 hard leg, 1 bum shuffle over the bow, 2 bow doors could do with being taller, 75mg aspirin, 1 very puzzled cat, 1 very supportive Mick.


3 thoughts on “Everything Is Conspiring Against Us. 10th February

  1. Ann-Marie Burdett

    It was lovely to meet you yesterday, so sad those mischievous Margees booby trapped the road but glad to hear you got looked after at hospital. Hope it mends well and you’re on your way again soon.

    1. pipandmick Post author

      Thank you Ann-Marie, it was good to meet you too. The Margees are now feeling guilty that their plan worked so well!
      Hope to see you somewhere about on the cut sometime.

  2. pedalboats

    you WERE lucky at A&E
    How we can turn our lives upside down in a second. Just to cheer u up:
    I now ‘follow’ over 20 blogs, but yours is the first I turn to.


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