Calcium Intake Increase. 11th Februrary

Great Haywood

IMAG2007smAfter a much better nights sleep Mick got up early to do a supermarket shop using the car before returning it to the garage. I stayed in bed with a very concerned Tilly watching over me whilst it snowed outside.

IMAG2012smPoor Mick was back and forth through the boat, bringing shopping in, having a sweep through, helping me move, bringing things, eventually we managed to have breakfast at about 11.30.

Since we’ve been here other events have taken over somewhat, so poor Tilly has been boat bound. She seems to have realised very quickly that there is no point in asking me to let her out, but as soon as Mick was home she was shouting about it. She wasn’t concerned with the snow and went straight into the trees that she’s been looking at for days.

IMAG2014smIMAG2016smAlison and Laura came to visit bringing a box set of Victoria Wood, some chocolates (compulsory whilst watching Victoria Wood apparently) and a couple of bottles of beer. Well the kettle was taken off the stove and instead we shared the beers. Alison is an expert on casts and broken bones from personal experience and she recommended drinking lots of milk. It’s a shame I’m not too keen on milk so she recommended milk chocolate instead.

IMG_0435smThey think that they found the spot where my incident occurred. Despite the indent of a  foot in the earth I’m not sure the tarmac is quite high enough. Mick may go and have a look tomorrow to get away from my constant demands.

IMAG2020smThis afternoon he has been over to the farm shop to get us a joint for Sunday. He also returned with some chilled medication, so at least my calcium intake will have had a boost today.

0 locks, 0 miles, 8 am shopping trip, 3 near missed pounces, 3 hours of snow, 2 soggy moggy trips out, 2 Margees, 2 bottles beer, 1 bag roses, 1 multiseed loaf, 1 raspberry twist calcium enriched chilled medication, 2 many hours sitting down, 1 run off his feet boy, 0 hair cut possible.


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