Cheer Your Afternoon, With A Macaroon. 12th February

Great Haywood

When you move from living in a house to living on a boat there are things that you know you will have to sacrifice. A big kitchen, a postal address, power at the flick of a switch, a bath, guaranteed TV reception to list just a few. None of these have really bothered us over the last couple of years, a bath is that bit more relaxing than they ever were, even if you feel guilty at filling your brothers tub right to the top! But one thing I have missed and hopefully have managed to accommodate for on NB Oleanna are hash browns with a cooked breakfast. Our ice compartment on Lillian is okay for a bag of peas, but that is it. So this morning when Mick brought me breakfast in bed with a hash brown on the side it brought a big smile to my face. The advantage of living across the way from a Farm Shop is that they have what I call a ‘pick and mix’ of frozen foods, hash browns being one of the mix. Wonder how much calcium they have in them?

IMAG2023smVery rarely have I stayed in bed past midday, but our bed was proving more comfortable this morning. Sitting on your bum all day makes it somewhat numb, so I stayed put until numbness had been achieved, about 2pm, before moving to the sofa to start all over again! We had to wait for Tilly to return from her exploration outside before the two of us had a go at washing my hair in the bathroom sink. We don’t have anything high enough for me to sit on so I had to balance on my good leg. This is hard work, especially when just Mick moving around rocks the boat. But we managed it and I’ll no longer be able to provide the oil for the next service from my hair.

DSCF4184smMick has arranged our manoeuvres tomorrow with Andy from NB Autumn Wine to get me back to the hospital. We’ll move up to the water point for me to get off and then Alison and Laura will return Lillian to the mooring for us. Sadly the space just beyond the water point will be filled with Anglo Welsh boats tomorrow, suspect they have a few hires going out as it’s half term.

DSCF4176smMick also went out to see if he could see where the scene of the crime was and to bring some photos of the outside world back for me to see. I didn’t expect quite so many photos of trains though!

DSCF4169smI think the spot where I fell just happened to coincide with a narrowing of the tarmacked road. A couple of paces in either direction and I don’t think I’d be in the situation I’m in now, but who knows it was dark.

IMAG2029smIMAG2028smWhilst Mick has been out I have been making the most of the DVDs Alison and Laura brought round yesterday. I have now watched every episode of Acorn Antiques and the lovely Susie Blake as the announcer, my sides now ache as much as my foot. Whilst checking a quote from Mrs Overall I came across Macaroons on Youtube from the Musical version, really wish I’d seen it now, I especially like her costume reveal. Click on Macaroons to watch it.

0 locks, 0 miles, 2nd breakfast in bed, 1st Hash Brown at home in 2.5 years, 2 ginger and spring onion sausages, 3 Saturday newspaper puzzles completed, 5hour lie in, 1 head of clean hair, 2 extra long explores, 42 hexagons, 3 hours plus Victoria Wood, 1 Manchesterford, 2 pairs rubber gloves, 1 incident sight, 1 windy day, 1 cat staying close when not hunting!


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