Crane Not Necessary. 13th February

Great Haywood

After breakfast in bed (how long can I keep this one up for I wonder?) I managed to get myself dressed without my right foot touching the floor. No mean feet with confined space on a rocking boat sat on the end of a high bed. I did however need Mick to assist with socks and a shoe. By now he was ready to move Lillian up to the water point so we pootled through the bridge to the rendez vous point.

IMAG2040smAndy and Bev (NB Autumn Wine) arrived with their car followed by Alison and Laura (NB Large Marge) who arrived just as a telescopic boom of a crane was being extended at the Anglo Welsh base behind the water point. I know I should weigh less but a crane surely wasn’t going to be necessary! I managed to bum shuffle up the front steps and over the lip into the well deck. Help was needed to get me up onto the front locker and then I could easily sit on the gunnel and swing my legs round onto terra ferma.

Traffic was light and once I’d checked in and we were sat waiting in the purple area we had half an hour to spare. The consultant was a lovely chap and offered me a boot or a cast. If I went for a cast then I’d need to have a DVT injection everyday which they would teach me to do. But he recommended that a boot would be better. I’d already decided what colour cast I’d like, purple with a yellow coach line to contrast with Lillian, but I didn’t fancy the injection thing and not being able to get wet.

disorderly05smIMAG2033smSo with one minute before my appointment was due to start I had been fitted with a boot,  shown how much weight I could put on my foot and my next appointment was booked. We made sure we picked up a feed back card before we left as we’ve been very impressed with hospital.

IMAG2036smIMAG2038smAndy and Bev hadn’t finished their shopping in town so we got a cab home and as I walked to the water point Lillian was being brought back through the bridge to meet us by Alison and Laura. Of course my two new mothers had to have a go with my crutches as we waited for the water tank to fill. I did manage to give the world expert on casts and crutch control (Alison) a couple of pointers on modern methods.

IMAG2050smThe crane has been working hard at Anglo Welsh craning work boats into the cut and a couple of other boats have come out. Late this afternoon NB Halsall has visited and topped up our diesel tank and coal. Sadly his pooh sucky machine didn’t have enough suck so we’ll have to visit Anglo Welsh tomorrow before we start to continue on our way. We could stay put until my next appointment but that would be tedious, we can always hire a car to return. Over the next two weeks I’m not allowed to stand for too long so I won’t be able to be at the helm in locks so Mick will be single handing.

0 locks, 200ft forwards twice, 200ft backwards twice, 2 new crew, 2 new mothers, 2 thieves who gave Lillian back, 1/2 hour early, 2 3 4 noisy tenants, 1 small boot, 2 stone in weight, 1 load washing on the whirligig, 62 litres, 5 bags coal, 0 pooh sucking, 4 big Thank Yous to Andy Bev Alison and Laura for today.


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