Forth Time Lucky. 14th February

Great Haywood to Tixall Wide

It took forever for them to get going this morning. They really could have let me out! When they finally did they just did the same trip that has been done so many times in the last few days. Through the bridge and stop! This is the forth time in about as many days.

IMAG2054smPlenty of boats were moving this morning and all of them were wanting to fill with water, we had to wait our turn. So at 2 pm Mick pushed off to bagsie the tap before anyone else so that we could top the tank up. We’ve been under the bridge now four times since my accident but today was going to be different, today we weren’t going to reverse back to our mooring we were actually going to go somewhere. After topping up Mick turned right onto the Staffordshire and Worcester Canal where he then … stopped!

IMAG2066smIMAG2069smA pump out was still needed and the Anglo Welsh basin just happened to be there. Mick had been for a recce earlier and been told to pull into the gap between boats. This he tried to do. The gap was narrow, reversing in didn’t work so he tried to go in forwards. Maybe with a bow thruster or me being able to fend off/pull the bow round he’d have managed, but we were just that bit too long to be able to do it. Luckily their pump out hose was long so Mick reversed back onto the Trent and Mersey. They were at it again, like a stuck record, the same bit over and over again!

IMAG2073smIMAG2079smAs it was getting late in the afternoon Mick pulled us in once we got to Tixall Wide. Most boats were moored nearer the junction which meant that he could chose where to tie up at the wide. He managed to get me a good view of the Gate House from my nearest porthole. This is one of our favourite moorings, Tilly seems to like it too as it only took her five minutes to find some friends.



Carrying things whilst on crutches or whilst hopping isn’t easy, so my photos are being taken on my phone, whilst balancing on one leg, therefore the quality isn’t very good. Tilly gets a great view of the outside being moved from her shelf, the top of her scratch pole or sitting on the trip computer. But my position on the sofa with my ankle up is dark and viewless. So instead this afternoon I have been to Vienna and Bologna with Rick Stein. I’m sure what Mick is cooking us tonight will be just as tasty as Ricks food.


DSCF7114sm0 locks, 0.84 miles straight, 1 mile with all the 2ing and froing! 3 cards, 1 box chocolates, 2 waves goodbye, 2 narrower gap, 1 slow pooh sucky machine, £18, 1 overly excited cat, 0 spaghetti bolognaise, 13 year old parmesan, 6 foot strudel, 1 guiding light for Valentines.


One thought on “Forth Time Lucky. 14th February

  1. pedalboats

    oh, you need a raised platform to sit on. You don’t want to be sitting without a view. How about a pile of mattresses?
    Tixall Wide: been there, loved it. Another favourite was the Mere on Llangollen canal, just beside the towpath. You see, your blog sets me off down memory lane.
    And, the photos are fine.


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