Locks With a Pro. 15th February

Tixall Wide to Acton Trussell

IMAG2089smGood intentions today to get going. With me out of action and needing things in certain places just getting ready to go takes time. Micks sister Kath gave me a canvas bag for Christmas, this is now being used for anything that I might want during the day whilst Mick is up top. If I move around the boat then I can sling the bag on my shoulder and my glasses etc can move too, that’s the idea anyway. If my clothes are in the bathroom it’s easier to get dressed and the walkie talkies are out so that we can communicate whilst underway.

Despite there being a better view from our bed than elsewhere it isn’t as cosy as the main cabin. So I settled down with everything around me whilst Mick pushed off and Tilly sat in the window watching him.

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-15 at 12.10.57smIMAG2093smIMAG2103smNot far on was Tixall Lock, pretty with its bridge and lock cottage. In 2015 I stayed below through a couple of river locks on the Trent, but this is very rare. At least I was in experienced company, Tilly must have been through getting on for 700 locks now. So I kept an eye on her to see whether any noises were unusual and therefore whether I should be alarmed or not. The tightening of the centre line whilst waiting for the lock above to empty is a bit alarming, but it just needed to be monitored. The gushing of water coming through ground paddles required a slight lifting of her head. So all was well.

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-15 at 12.09.54smWhatsApp Image 2017-02-15 at 12.33.54smWhatsApp Image 2017-02-15 at 12.42.44smThroughout our cruise Mick kept sending me photos of the outside so that I wouldn’t feel like I was missing out, luckily for me this is water we’ve covered before. Meanwhile I decided to try to catch up with Ricky and see if there was any news on the battery front for NB Oleanna. It still hasn’t arrived, no surprise there really. Current plan is to get her in the water next week in Sheffield let things settle, adjust ballast, give her a good clean then as soon as the battery arrives she can be handed over to us. We’ll see.

IMAG2102smToday I opened a box set of DVDs that I was given several years ago from my friend Nick. It has never been opened as some of the films would be a bit frightening for Mick, so I need to watch them when he’s not around, so now is an ideal time.

IMAG2106smI’m not going to say which film it was, see if you can work it out from the photos, quite apt at the moment. I’ll let you know which film it is tomorrow. PS the purple toes are mine!

By mid afternoon it was raining and Mick hadn’t got his water proofs on so he pulled us in on the next stretch of armco after Acton Trussell. The dulcet tones of the M6 will keep us company tonight.

DSCF7114sm2 locks, 6.95 miles, 1 grey misty day turned into 1 wet day, 2 boats ahead, 2 more weeks wait, 1 boy single handing, M6 too close, 0 to be worried about, 40 winks, 697 locks actually, 1st film, 1 year since the bottom was laid, 30 hexagons, 2 soggy explores, 2 pesky swans!


4 thoughts on “Locks With a Pro. 15th February

  1. christinegeraghty

    Am so impressed by how you two are so resilient and resourceful! Well done for keeping going and hope the ankle repairs quickly. As to the film it looks a bit like rear window . . .

  2. Brian

    Do you have a thermos flask onboard, its ideal for transporting both hot and cold drinks about in your shoulder bag


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