Blown Away. 20th March

Houdini’s Field to Bridge 20

Despite the weather we needed to move today, so with full waterproofs on Mick pushed us off and we pootled the half mile to the next winding hole. A boat was moored very close to it making it hard to swing the stern of Lillian out to get the bow round and into the hole. He managed it without hitting the other boat, but it was a close thing.

P1000386smDSCF4422smHeading back southwards we soon came to the wood where the Blackthorn is in blossom. The off side of the canal was almost like Narnia with so many white flowers. My photos don’t do it justice as the rain on the windows kept getting in the way. Blackthorn blossoms before it’s leaves come out, I’ve often mistaken it for Hawthorne blossom. But that is normally in full flower when we leave Crick show at the end of May, so much later. A rather beautiful sight for the Spring Equinox.


As we progressed further the wind got up and so did the rain. At one point it was almost horizontal with rivers of water running down one side of the boat with the other bone dry. Then there were a couple of knocking noises on the roof/cabin side as though someone had thrown something at us. Mick slowed us down, he wasn’t shouting at anyone and then he picked up speed again. All a bit strange.

At midday Mick pulled us over and moored up as quickly as he could to get out of the rain, he was certainly glad of his waterproofs! Once he’d dried off and had some lunch he was back out to get soggy again, but this time on foot. We are booked into Yelvertoft Marina for a few days from tomorrow, but the office is closed on Tuesdays so Mick went to sus everything out and introduce himself. Then a short walk into the village to the not so expensive shop for some milk and bread.

DSCF4424smDuring the afternoon it has brightened up somewhat. Mick set off with the boat hook along the towpath, back the way we’d come. This was to see if he could find our broom that had flown off the roof earlier in the day! The wind had been so strong that stopping at the time could have caused allsorts of problems. Sadly it was nowhere to be seen in the reeds, maybe another boat picked it up as they went by later!

P1000403smDSCF7121sm0 locks, 3.22 miles, 1 wind, 1 flying broom, 1 acre of Narnia, 1 soaked Mick, 1 boat not to be forgotten, 1 confusing bend, £5 electric, 0 highly expensive treat cheese, 2 soaked paws, 1 paddling cat, 2nd posting of this post!


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