Changing the Temperature. 11th April

Sheffield Basin

This morning Mick rang the Tinsley Flight lock keepers to book a passage down the flight for tomorrow morning. Another call to Keadby has changed our booking onto the tidal Trent to Saturday. Then he headed over to see Paul from CV Marine and pay him for our barge pole and boat hook. Yesterday Kris at Finesse whittled down the pole for the hook and fixed it on for us. So we are just short of a plank which we doubt we’ll need over the next couple of weeks. The poles have ended up being cheaper than even Freaky Friday would have made them and as a bonus Paul put an extra £5 of electric on the post for us.

P1010120smToday I needed to rest my foot as I think I’ve been doing too much over the last few days. Last night it had swollen up to how it was about a month ago. I maybe should have been wearing my boot more than I have. So Mick has been busy, our bathroom hooks arrived so he popped up to the Post Office to pick them up whilst I set to at the cooker. A batch of Sticky Ginger Buns and Chocolate Banana Buns were popped in the top oven.

Oleanna has a double oven and so far we’ve only used the main cavity once to do a roast. Over the last three years I have altered all my recipes to account for Lillian’s oven. Everything needed a Gas mark higher and required a little bit longer to cook. But the new oven is so far very efficient. My recipes need the temperatures changing back to what they were originally and occasionally even lower! Keeping a close eye on things will be needed until we are used to it.

P1010117smMick took the buns over to Finesse for the chaps as a little thank you. We did keep a few to check for quality control, so far the ginger ones are up to standard. The adapters for the TV aerial were waiting for Mick so we have checked that the wiring all works.

P1010122smThen he went shopping to stock up on food with the hope that we will only have to stop for a few things before we reach Nottingham. Now that we have a bigger capacity fridge and a freezer we have plenty of cold storage and we don’t have to eat chicken for four days in a row anymore! The chicken he bought has been jointed, some frozen, the carcass is on top of the stove for stock which I’ll freeze and there are two meals worth left in the fridge. However I did forget to put one thing on the list for the freezer, chilled medication!

0 locks, 0 miles, 2 passages booked, 0 mooring or electric fees, 12 ginger, Gas 3, 12 chocolate banana, Gas 4, 8 for control, 6 hooks, 1 big sit down, 1 grub, 4 adaptors, 1 big shop, 1 box wine, –18 C, 1/4 bottle yummy milk, 1 Houdini shelf and 1 Tilly shelf for keeps, 18mm more would be nice, 1 big day ahead tomorrow!


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