Lillian Has Left Lillyanne. 3rd May

Crick Marina to ABNB

IMAG3392smOver the last week we have been very busy moving boats. Crick Marina has been very good to us allowing us to moor both boats side by side which has made the move a lot easier.

Once everything was off Lillian we then gave her a thorough clean, inside and out. Long days, lots of washing of ceilings and walls and all the soft furnishings have had a wash too.

Mick busied himself with the engine bay and polishing the brass (not a job he will miss, not that he did it that often!).

IMAG3377smP1020710smLast Saturday we took Lillian out to Cracks Hill, Leaving me behind with all the unpacking to do!  We thought she deserved one last short cruise with us and it was a good location to paint her gunnels for the last time. I was glad of the hard work I’d put in back in September as they only needed a quick sand and a coat of multiforte to look good again, a blank canvas for her new owners.

P1020752smP1020747smP1020776smP1020780smP1020786smWe had spent a week emptying and cleaning her only to take some things back to dress her as yesterday morning Justin from ABNB came to check her vital statistics and take photos for their brochure that they will produce to market her. We then moved her onto the pump out for a very good rinse and her final pooh sucky machine with us. I was even allowed to flush the loo seven times in a row helping to fill the tank before a final rinse through.

P1020736smP1020745smThen after the long photos were taken of her we pulled her out of the marina, turned left, then second left to put her onto the ABNB brokerage moorings where she will now sit until she is sold. Unfortunately her details won’t be added to their website for another week, but if anyone is interested in a reverse layout 59ft 6inch boat that just happens to be yellow they will happily show them round.

P1020820smP1020824smToday we have been on board to remove the last of the dressing. ABNB would have liked us to have left her dressed, but we don’t have spare anything living on a boat, so if you happen to view her the duvet isn’t ours. The final thing to do was remove the picture of my Mum, Lillian (Lil to those who knew her), who has been watching over us as we travelled for the last three years. Thank you Lillyanne for giving us a wonderful three years afloat.

P1020764sm0 locks, 0.3 miles, 1 pooh sucky machine, 7 flushes, 1 hippo back at the helm, 1 Lillian taken down, 2 sad boaters.

1 NB Lillyanne FOR SALE



10 thoughts on “Lillian Has Left Lillyanne. 3rd May

  1. adrian2013

    And it’s good night from her. ❤️ the Lillyanne blog. Good luck with the sale. But moving on to Oleanna looking forward to new cruising blogs.

    1. pipandmick Post author

      Thanks Ade. There will be a longer post about what we’ve been up to on the Oleanna blog, maybe tomorrow. Also thank you for possibly the last ‘Like’

  2. Joa

    A new chapter beckons for the 3 of you. Mungo and Dog send their purrs to Tilly and I send my very best wishes to you and Mick for a happy and healthy future on Oleanna.
    Bye bye Lillyanne, it’s been lovely reading about you and I hope you have a happy future with your new owners.


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