Handover 30th June 2017

After a week and a day of Lillian being on the ABNB website we had an offer come in, a little under the asking price, but a very reasonable offer. By the end of the day we had accepted it. Everyone then had to wait until after Crick Boat Show for her to have a survey done. The prospective purchasers then wanted to come and have another look after they’d heard from the surveyor.

Viv from ABNB rang us that day to arrange the completion of the sale. This was to be a few weeks away, which meant that we would be able to cruise Oleanna back up to Crick to be able to do a handover with her new owners.

P1060718smAt just gone 2pm today we climbed aboard our yellow boat for the last time. We opened up all the doors and side hatch to let some fresh air in. Wiped away some huge cobwebs where the spiders had collected quite a feast on the stern. She started up straight away, as ever.

Tim arrived first with George their Alsatian, Pah a woofer, on my boat! Elizabeth followed soon afterwards. We gave them a full walk through, Mick concentrating on the technical aspects and me on the more homely side of things like washing of curtains. Gosh there seemed to be a lot to take in and we were there for what felt like hours, but hopefully everything will be useful to them.

We locked her back up and said farewell for the last time before heading back over to the office to do the paperwork. A few signatures and bank details were dealt with and the final thing to do was a hand shake and hand over Lillian’s keys to her new owners.

Lillian has been a great home to us and served us well. Elizabeth and Tim are moving her to a marina in the area and will use her for weekends and holidays exploring this part of the country. She may move further north in years to come. Suspect she’s going to have a bit of a rest from her life with us. It was lovely to be able to meet up with her new owners and we wish them a happy bright yellow future with her. If you see them please give them a wave and say hello, they are a lovely couple.

P1060724smSo the final thing to do here on Lillian’s blog is give her final statistics for her travels with us.

From 9th June 2014 to the 30th June 2017 she has travelled

Total distance is 3470 miles, 5 1/2 furlongs and 2366 locks. There are at least 253 moveable bridges of which 34 is usually left open; 736 small aqueducts or underbridges and 88 tunnels and 12 major aqueducts.

This is made up of 1226 miles, 4 furlongs of narrow canals; 1294 miles, 4 1/2 furlongs of broad canals; 224 miles, 1/4 furlongs of commercial waterways; 260 miles, 6¼  furlongs of large rivers, 264 miles, 6 ¾  furlongs of small rivers; 182 miles, 7 1/2 furlong of tidal rivers; 17 miles of seaways; 1047 narrow locks; 1175 broad locks (4 of which were done backwards); 141 large locks; 3 locks on major waterways.

Engine Hours 3977.1.

988 blog posts, 1 boat, 2 new owners, 2 big grins,1 large woofer! 

Our cruising blog is now at www.oleanna.co.uk

4 thoughts on “Handover 30th June 2017

  1. adrian2013

    Enjoyed those yellow travels, I wonder if Liz & Tim and George will start up a blog..
    Impressive statistics.
    Bye Bye Lillyanne and this blog.

  2. Joa

    Best wishes to Lillyanne, Liz, Tim and the woofer for their future travels together. Onwards with Oleanna!
    Have fun all


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