Our travels around the UK canal and river network on Narrowboat Lillyanne.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Joa NB Beatrix

    Hi … after reading about the tar dribble on your blog, I now know we need to do the metal wrapping trick you described. Can I ask though … I can get either aluminium or galvanised steel – is one better than the other please? They’re 0.8mm thick and 0.5mm respectively.

    1. pipandmick Post author

      HI Joa
      Sorry I’m not sure I understand about the metal wrapping trick. What we did to eliminate tar dribble. We bought a double skinned chimney and stuffed it full of loft insulation, rockwool type stuff. This stops any moisture from condensing inside the chimney and then dribbling down the outside and onto your roof. The new chimney we bought earlier this year was a bit looser than the previous one, so we have wrapped some more insulation around where it meets the collar of the flue on the roof to make it a tighter fit. The inside skin goes down into the flue a bit which also helps. Hope this helps. Pip

  2. Chris Errington

    Hello Mick and Pip,
    It looks like you are having a fantastic time on your boat. Thank you for the card, hope you have had a happy Christmas and best wishes for 2017.
    We have moved out of 42 but still own it and our Son is living there at the moment although we may be puttting it up for sale next year.
    Have a great time on the boat, I will keep checking your blog to keep up with your travels. It is on our bucket list to try at some point in time.
    Chris and Donna


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