Especially for Joa

As I can’t add photos to the comments section of my blog, here is an explanation of ‘1 Bad Dante’ for you.


This is a photo of actors Joe Sproulle and Dante. In 2013 and 2014 Joe and Dante toured in a Dark Horse production of Sing Something Simple, written and directed by Vanessa Brooks.

Joe played Spencer Parkin and Dante played his dog. Dante along with numerous other dogs, of various breeds, were auditioned by Vanessa. For the second tour Dante was nearly replaced by a Basset Hound, but in the end an understudy was brought in, just in case a trip to the pouch parlour didn’t quite spruce Dante up enough for the tour. But being a true pro he bounced back and recreated his role in the play with gusto, his understudy never got to tread the boards.

DSCF2627smAfter the production we all believed that Dante went to live with Joe, as the two of them had become inseparable. Now whether there was a fall out between these two actors, I don’t know. But at the beginning of October 2014 I was surprised to spot Dante on the roof of a narrowboat on the Trent and Mersey. He looked happy, sprightly and obviously enjoying his new life as a resting actor on the waterways. We cruised by and I was happy to have seen him looking so well.

DSCF4108smSo yesterday when passing the same boat I couldn’t see him. Maybe he had just been between jobs and was now busy filming the next big Hollywood movie. Some cows and a rather obese bear had moved in. They seemed a little bit out of it, maybe something to do with all the LPG that there was lying around! But then imagine my horror when I came across the next scene!


Dante seems to have fallen on serious hard times. Mixing with the wrong crowd. He certainly hasn’t been to the pouch parlour in years! He turned his head away as we approached, Bad Dante!

How has such a great actor fallen to so such a level?

So Joa, that explains 1 Bad Dante.

So glad you didn’t ask me about the jumpsuit from the day before! That would have taken some explaining not having a photo to prove it. I stupidly mentioned it on my facebook post of that day and I am now getting friend suggestions of very ample breasted ladies!

0 locks, 0 miles, 1 breakfast, 1 comment, 1 explanation, 1 cat in the dog house, but not Dante’s!

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